Meeting Cancellation for March and Other Topics

The Sandia Labs Credit Union where we hold our meetings has let us know that the meeting room will not be available to us or to any organization for meetings during the next three months (though May) due to concerns about spreading Coronavirus.  The 1306 chapter board has decided to cancel our meeting for March rather than look for an alternate meeting place, and to assess the situation monthly for the next few month’s meetings. 

In the meantime Les will continue to put out our newsletter, and Harv will keep our website active.  Both of these are absolutely stellar products, but they do require our support in the form of contributions.  In the free time you have, now that you are not constantly attending EAA meetings, consider writing up something to keep your fellow members amused.  Les is putting together in-depth articles on member projects, maybe you can put a couple photos and a paragraph on our website as a tease for when Les comes knocking.  Flown anywhere interesting?  Got an issue with your project that would benefit from the collective well of chapter experience? Got some insights from having just solved a building or a flight problem?  Let us know by putting it online for the group!  Harv and Les’s contacts are:

Meanwhile, Alexis Bachicha has graciously (been) volunteered to organize our Flying Start program, tentatively scheduled for May 16th.  Pilots and ground crew are needed, so if you can volunteer for either, please let either Alexis or me know at the contacts below.

Stay warm, stay healthy, and fly safely.

John Lorenz, for the board