Light Sport Repairman Workshop Coming to Albuquerque / EAA179 sponsor

Chapter 179 built an RV-12 through a finished fuselage/wings/tail sections and then sold it to a newly formed flying club based here in Albuquerque.  The finished the engine and avionics and received the E-LSA certification for it.  Several of the flying club members were interested in getting their certification for the light sport repairman certificate as owners.  We asked Rainbow if they might be interested in coming to Albuquerque and they said YES.

This is the 16-hour class for all light sport airplanes and allows someone who completes the course to be able to sign off on condition inspections for their LSA.  There is also a 5-day course that enables someone to be an A&P equivalent and sign-off on non-owned LSA’s.  This isn’t that class!!!  The course will be held at Double Eagle airport.

  • Repairman (LSA) Inspection Airplane Workshop
  • Date: September 16 – 17 .2023
  • Time: 8am-5pm  Please arrive by 7:45 am on first day

Rainbow will publish the dates to the public on April 10 – so we kind of have first rights to fill the class with New Mexico aviators.  Class information and how to sign up is given below.

Download registration form, complete and mail with check. E-LSA-Repairman-Workshop-Registration-Form (34 downloads )

Art & Joyce Woods

[email protected]

EAA 179