NMPA Holds a STOL Clinic at the F37/Carrizozo Airport

NMPA sponsored a Short and Soft Field Takeoff and Landing Clinic at the Carrizozo Airport (F37) April 20, 2019.  Some seven planes arrived, four of which participated in “personal best” landing practice.  EAA Chapter 1306 out of Edgewood supplied a ground crew, directing traffic and making distance callouts for landings and takeoffs.  Sonny Pool ran the ground traps, ordering up donuts, coffee, and some fantastic breakfast burritos for participants.  Bill Hayes, the airport airport manager, provided the FBO meeting room where the briefing was held (thanks Bill!)  All were on their way home by lunchtime.

The Carrizozo airport. Landings and takeoffs were made on runway 24. Google translator says that “Carrizo” means “reed” in Spanish; does “Carrizozo” mean “very reedy”?
Dave Noltensmeyer lands his Subaru-powered Kitfox on one wheel, waves to the swooning crowd, and departs in a swirl of dust. Photo by Chet Leach.
Dave Stevens holds short in his New Mexico Blue Cessna 180, waiting for landing traffic. Blue flags along the runway mark 100-foot increments for measuring takeoff and landing distances. The ground crew is ready to call the landing distance. Photo by Chet Leach.